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Explore a fantasy world in this RPG

Dweller’s Empty Path is a short RPGMaker gamer from indie developer Temmie Chang. This game follows a girl named Yoki, who wakes up from a nightmare. Unable to fall back to sleep, she decided to go on a short walk to clear her mind. Only in her walk, she met several people who give her small tasks. Dweller’s Empty Path is a part of the Escaped Chasms series from the same author. However, you can play this as a standalone game

What is the game about? 

Dweller’s Empty Path is unlike other role-playing games. For one, there isn’t a whole lot to do in the game besides walking around and talking to NPCs and objects. Throughout Yoki’s walk, she will encounter a lot of people. Each of them will give her small tasks that she needs to accomplish, including sparring at the old log and delivering letters for her secondary job at the post office. Once she’s done with the task, she can go on with her walk. The game will have two maps that players can use as a guide, one with stickers and one without stickers. Players must note that the map with stickers will spoil scenes, objects, and character locations. 

Players can navigate using arrow keys or mouse. To make Yoki walk faster, you can press the shift button. There is no automatic saving option in the game. For you to save your progress, Yoki must record it in her journal. This journal is located on her desk in her room. They can also appear mysteriously where there are sparkles on the ground. 

Dweller’s Empty Path is a relatively short game that is around roughly one to two hours. There are no animated cutscenes in this game. However, there will be more than 100 illustrations that will appear throughout the game. Aside from saving your progress in Yoki’s journal, you can also choose to end the game at any time by returning to Yoki’s bed and attempt another shot at sleeping. 

Take a walk

Taking things into consideration, Dweller’s Empty Path is a nice game to play if you are only looking for a casual game. It has a simple premise and controls. However, it is very short, and there isn’t much to do aside from walking and completing tasks. 


  • Simple premise
  • Simple controls
  • Enjoyable gameplay


  • Very short
  • Nothing much to do in the game
  • Problems with saving

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Dwellers Empty Path


Dwellers Empty Path 1.0 for Mac

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